Back-to-School with Eastgate’s Maths Trail!

Are you up for a maths challenge with the chance of winning a prize?

Your task: Use the map below to locate the posters in our participating retailers where you can tackle the 8x maths questions and win with Eastgate. Each question is split into 3 age groups, so your little ones can learn and explore at the same time. Solve the maths question and using the alphabet code below to align letters with numbers, discover the secret word. Once you’ve completed the trail and spelt out the winning word, revisit this page and submit your entry for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

You only need to scan the QR code once, at your chosen retailer starting point – Use the same page to fill out your answers below, before submitting.

See the competition terms and conditions

    Alphabet Code:

    Letter Number Letter Number
    A 1 N 2
    B 8 O 16
    C 12 P 4
    D 15 Q 11
    E 5 R 17
    F 14 S 19
    G 7 T 20
    H 21 U 6
    I 24 V 13
    J 3 W 9
    K 10 X 22
    L 25 Y 26
    M 23 Z 18